Exhibition Content in the past

The Ernest N. Moriale Convention Center,
New Orleans, LA, USA
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SC2010 was the 11st exhibition in SC since we started exhibition in SC2000 held in Dallas. In this SC2010 we showcased our educational and research support activities and appealed social contribution in addition to research conducted in each research division of the 10-year Cybermedia Center. For the exhibition, the director-leading team of 12 faculty and technical staff and 2 students has engaged in the exhibition in SC. The exhibit contents were composed of 8 research posters and 2 demonstrations. The demonstrations were large-scale volume data visualization system using GPGPU, developed by the Informedia Education Research Division, large-scale evacuation simulation targeting Umeda underground in Osaka Downtown by the Cybercommunity Research Division.

Report (Japanese only)(PDF:496KB)
Poster material(PDF:8.4MB)